5 Greatest Beauty Products to Maintain a Healthy Glow From Head to Toe

1. Mild cleansers

Women know how important it is to cleanse, especially the face after a day’s work. Dirt is one of the skin’s worst enemies as it blocks pores and causes those zits that take days to disappear. You can choose among several but it is a must that you find gentle which will cleanse your skin but not irritate it. Popular choices are Cetaphil and Dove’s Facial cleanser. It cleans up your skin without making it feel tight and dry.

2. Moisturizers

Keeping your skin hydrated is as important as cleansing it. which help in locking moisture in the skin are very helpful because the skin is prone to dryness and flaking. Whenever your skin’s moisture evaporate due to temperature and humidity, it is best to hydrate it right away to prevent it from further damage. include finding the right moisturizer for your type of skin, consider if you have oily or dry skin because this affects the product’s effectiveness. Moisturizers are best applied after bathing.

3. Sunblock

Oh yes, as climate change increases the harmful effects of the sun, we are ought to have sunblock always ready inside our bags just to make sure our skin is protected. Fortunately, this need has aroused beauty companies to incorporate SPF in theirs. You have moisturizers and make-up all infused with SPF and we just have to these exist. You can select the SPF level depending on your need or level of exposure to the sun. with be able to still give you a fresh feeling while protecting your skin.

4. Relaxing night creams

During sleep, our body undergoes cell repair and that includes the skin cells. Rejuvenating your skin while asleep can be assisted and reinforced by the use of night cream Think of it as your facial skin’s vitamins for the day that you have to take in every night. Night creams are designed to prevent aging, more popularly known as wrinkles and blemishes. So to maintain a youthful glow in a blink of an eye, follow these and look more refreshed as you wake up!

5. Exfoliating Cream

Have you ever looked into a mirror and wonder why the glow seems to be gone? that exfoliate your skin are the solution if your skin looks dull and lifeless. Every two weeks, there is a need for you to exfoliate your skin and get rid of old skin cells and deep-seated dirt that your face look tired. Go ahead, get those exfoliating and take back that glow.

Having soft and supple skin is a simple way for you to always look pretty and glowing. Besides eating healthy and exercising regularly, one should also have beauty products on hand and maintain a youthful aura. These tips for healthy glowing skin are very easy especially if you know which skin care products work best for you from head to toe!

Women Are Special in God’s Eyes

While many men tend to put women down and some even treat them as animals it is the Spirit that has made them special in God’s eyes. They are the bearers of generations of men who want to hurt them and the atrocities committed against them in the name of false gods are beyond belief. They are tortured, maimed, discarded, and murdered by those who are jealous or crazed with anger against them.

Every day in Australia there are new tragedies involving men who take the lives of women. The most recent example is a young mother who was hit in the head with a hammer and is now fighting for her life in hospital. The man, a 24 year old, was arrested. The Internet is full of videos and images of women who have been burned with acid or fire or maimed in some other way by men.

The number of murders against them is appalling. They are set upon by those who decide to rape them, by priests who sexually abuse them, by religions that downgrade them as little more than chattels in the eyes of their gods, and by men who take them as partners.’

There is a sickness in the world that is not readily solvable as men are in charge of the systems that could bring change. Unless one is a woman who has experienced how bad such abuse is then it is hard for men who believe in justice to appreciate it.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit it commissioned me to remove the wall of deceit that has blinded the world and hidden the real God and to bring back the young. It provided the tools and the Internet is the main one. It is the Mountain of God promised to appear in the last days (Micah 4:1) and it is spreading truth into the world of darkness.

As a man in my last life and women in this one there is justice in the fact that God has chosen a woman to be the last prophet that is to bring in the harvest at the end of the day. The bible is rich with passages that state this fact (Micah 4:8-0). It sent me to Babylon to discover the roots of religions and they are all basically the same and all are of Islam.

The city was the home of the Amors who built Roma (reverse Amor) and one of them was Constantine who established the Catholic Church based on Islamic principles. It has discriminated against women and is a major part of the problem as it is patriarchal. He also built the Vatican that organised the Muslim branch to be established and it has the same discriminatory attitude.

None of the followers of these systems would have ever accepted that a woman would be used by God in this way. Nor would they believe that women are special in God’s eyes.

Shapewear: The Perfect Companion to Your Exercise and Nutrition Program

So you’ve been working hard at the gym… and you’re feeling healthy. The cardio has you feeling like you’re in better shape than ever. You’re eating healthy, and you know the following your nutritional plan is doing your body good. You look in the mirror and you like how you look, but there is the slight question of what if my waist was just a bit slimmer? What if my butt, or my bust was a bit more pronounced?

The answer to this is shapewear. It’s an inexpensive and surgery free solution to looking just a bit more like the way you want. Both nutrition and exercise will improve the way you look and feel, but they don’t always, as quickly as you’d like, create the effects you are hoping for. You might even feel like your efforts are plateauing a bit, and while changing up your exercise and nutrition regimen will definitely spark new life in your weight loss aspirations, adding the selection of figure flattering undergarments to your wardrobe will definitely help in the continuing journey of feeling great about how you look. Shapewear doesn’t regress your weight loss efforts through exercise and nutrition… it compliments them.

What are some amazing things about these little helpers in loving how you look? You can purchase more than one, and wear often which undergarments you feel go best with each outfit. You tailor which items you purchase to which part of your body you feel can use some smoothing. If you opt to continue to lose weight through nutrition and exercise, you can simply order smaller sized shapewear as you see necessary.

You can use the undergarments to sculpt your body just the way you like. Would you like a more pronounced bottom? A specialized lower body undergarment known as a butt lifter is a perfect choice! If you feel your midsection can use some flattening and you bust some lifting… try a full body slimmer for optimal enhancement. And if you are just looking for a slight improvement in the way of slimming your midsection, a tummy shaper panty is the perfect choice…

Mercy Otis Warren, Second-Class Citizen

America was primarily settled by Europeans who came seeking religious freedom, economic opportunity, and the chance to establish new communities and social organizations. In 1619, the first slaves were brought by Dutch traders.

Life wasn’t easy. Colonists faced Indian raiders and diseases like malaria and typhus. Life in the colonies was different from life in England in other ways, too. Many children died in infancy; adults died leaving children to grow up with relatives, family friends or foster parents. Remarriage and the formation of step families were common.

This was a departure from the norm the colonists had been used to in England where the nuclear family prevailed. (Steoff, 2003, p. 57)

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the roles of men and women were established by parents and the religious leaders of their communities. Colonial men worked at trades or owned businesses like farms. Colonial women spun, wove and sewed garments; cooked; cleaned; gardened; washed and ironed; chopped wood, and raised and educated their children.

Women were expected to be obedient to their fathers, husbands or other male relatives and to become wives and mothers. (Micklos, 2013, p. 5 – 12)

Nonetheless these differences and hardships propelled some women to stand out from the rest.

Mercy Otis Warren was born into a wealthy family in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. Mercy was not a typical girl even for the times in which she lived. Her father was a traveling lawyer and a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives who would bring home the latest political news from Boston. His two oldest children, Mercy and her brother James (Jemmy), found the colonists’ conflicts with Great Britain fascinating.

Like her sisters, Mercy was educated at home in the domestic arts. Mr. Otis, however, believed that girls as well as boys should learn to read and write so the two oldest children, Mercy and Jemmy, were tutored at home by a minister. Mercy loved reading and history. Her favorite book was Sir Walter Raleigh’s The History of the World.

When he grew older, Jemmy enrolled at Harvard. Mercy stayed home because women weren’t allowed to go to college. She could, however, devour the books that Jemmy brought home especially the writings of the radical philosopher John Locke.

Locke wrote about freedom and the natural rights of man. He also wrote about the social contract. Individuals, he believed, created governments in order to protect their lives, liberty and prosperity. When a government threatened those rights, it broke the social contract. This meant that the people could change or even unmake their government. (Woelfle, 2012, p. 5)

Although the colonists created new communities and social organizations, they considered themselves subjects of Great Britain. Influenced by the ideas of Locke and the Enlightenment, the colonists began to question this relationship arguing that they should have more control over their local government. (Steoff, 2003, p. 96)

When Jemmy graduated from college, Mercy attended his graduation ceremony and graduation parties. She met Jemmy’s friend and her future husband, James Warren, there. He was a farmer and like her father, a politician. James wasn’t afraid of smart women. They married and together raised five sons on a farm in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Mercy raised their children and ran the family farm but secretly wrote and published poems and plays in her spare time.

While life in Plymouth was quiet and busy for the Warren family, Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty were rioting against the taxes imposed on the colonists by the British government in nearby Boston.

Neighboring communities like Plymouth joined the protests which eventually laid the groundwork for the American Revolution.

Women like Mercy who were influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment and the colonists’ protests, would soon join their husbands, fathers and brothers in the struggle for the creation of a new republic. Women visited army camps and sewed clothes, nursed and fed the soldiers. They spied for the patriots and even wore men’s clothing and fought in numerous battles.

The Warren’s home became a meeting place for revolutionaries and intellectuals. They laid the plans for the Continental Congress there prompting Mercy to call her house “One Liberty Square.”

Mercy proudly and boldly participated in the planning sessions.

During this period, she began a regular correspondence with Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Abigail Adams, whose husband John became the second President the United Sates. These friendships lasted most of her life.

Mercy continued to write and publish political poems and plays that were supportive of the rebels and the revolution during the period of the war for independence.

She used the pseudonym Fidelia for these poems and dramas which were intentionally anti-British. In Model Celebration, mermaids and other sea creatures enjoy sipping British tea during the Boston Tea Party of 1773. In Blockheads, Mercy made fun of the King George III.

The British did not know who wrote these works otherwise Mercy would have been hanged for treason.

In 1775, James became General James Warren but the aftermath of the war brought tragedy to Mercy’s family. In 1783, Jemmy was struck by lightning and died. Mercy and James lost their son Charles in 1785 to tuberculosis. Another son, Winslow, joined the army and was killed in an Indian raid in 1791. In 1800, George died of a fever.

Warren was noted for the three-volume History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution Interspersed with Biographical, Political and Moral Observations published in 1805 when she was seventy-seven years old. She was able to sign the manuscript, “Mrs. Mercy Warren of Plymouth, Massachusetts.” It is considered the first history of the conflict between America and Britain.

Colonial widows, unlike most women, enjoyed a life of independence. Many had the experience of helping their husbands with the family farm or business and when their spouse died, they took over day-to-day operations.

Mercy Otis Warren was no different. Through all the personal tragedies, Mercy continued to write, operate the farm and support the new nation, the United States of America.

The “Did You Lose Weight Already?” Athletic Wear

“You’re too fat to go to the gym.” That is literally the thought that prevents many women from heading into the gym, yoga class, or Pilates studio. It is this recurring thought that haunts their dreams, steals their peace, and inhibits their progression to the woman she wants to become. What if there was exercise apparel that could make you feel more comfortable, less exposed, and even contain the jiggle while you get your sweat on?

No, this isn’t a dream. You didn’t rub a magic lamp, and this article is not sent from your skinny future self in a parallel universe. As Glenda the Good Witch said, “You had the power all along, my dear.” This magical athletic wear has been all around. You just have not been paying attention.

So let’s see what athletic wear you could put on that will have people saying, “Did you lose weight already?”

You need something to camouflage the lower half of your body. You can try to go with baggy sweats, or you can do fashionable yoga pants. The only problem with yoga pants is that the other name for yoga pants are cellulite spotlighters. So what you may need is something that can suck in some of that jiggle. If only Spanx made yoga pants. But wait! They do! And there are many other brands that make yoga pants that bring everything in or have built-in tummy controls. A simple online search of “control top yoga pants” will bring up a variety of options. Slip on a pair of these lifesavers and you will already look like you have started slimming down.

You need something to camouflage your midsection that is a little more muffin top than six pack. You can opt for a baggy t-shirt or choose a draped, long tank top. The style of a draped tank top covers up any muffin issues, yet you also look more stylish than an oversized t-shirt. You will also want to get a longer t-shirt so that it does not ride up when you are reaching up for the pull-up bar.

You need something to camouflage your arms. You could try an oversized pullover sweatshirt, or you can get a stylish workout hoodie that has a zipper down the front. You will wear the hoodie unzipped to help break up the outfit and help you look slimmer. Obviously, you can’t wear the hoodie during yoga, so just take off your jacket at the last minute right before class. During class, everyone will be too busy holding the treetop position to worry about your arms.

In general, you should not wear the same color head to toe to work out. Most women’s initial inclination is to wear black from head to toe in an attempt to look slimmer. However, breaking up the outfit into different colors will help to break up the eye line and should be a mix between dark colors and light colors. If you are bottom heavy, wear the dark color on the bottom and the lighter color on top. For example, if you are bottom heavy, wear black yoga pants, a lavender drapey tank

top, and a white lightweight zippered hoodie. If you are top heavy, wear the darker colors on top and the lighter colors on the bottom.

The proper stylish athletic wear should be a step towards helping you to achieve any weight-loss goals by making you more confident at the gym

Moving Beyond the Playground: A Healthy Approach to Female Conflicts

For many women, their female friendships have been a source of comfort, support, laughter, and joy.

For others, they have been mired in betrayal, mean-spiritedness, and competition.

But for most of us, they’ve been a combination of these two extremes, and typically, even before we reach the age of twelve!

But, by the time we reach 30 years of age, most of us carry a number of scars from battling – and often losing to – the tactics (or ‘rules of engagement’) that we learned while still making mud cakes in the sandbox.

By adulthood, many women hold advanced degrees in knowing how to masterfully undercut and destroy their ‘competition’, often smiling all the while.

Why are so many friendships between women so complex? So fraught with drama, conflict, and with pain?

Well, the answer is rooted in social conditioning (i.e., ‘women are the competition’), as well as within the experience of the woman herself in terms of learning from her own mother how safe relationships with women can be (i.e., a mother who seriously betrays her daughter can teach her to never fully trust women).

In short, the answer is as usually as complex as the women themselves.

During my years of being a psychotherapist, I’ve sat in front of a large number of female friends who’ve experienced serious fractures in their relationship with one another. I’ve listened to the sadness, the anger, the broken trust, and kind of emotional devastation that results from the way women manage or, rather, don’t manage, the issues that inevitably rise between them over the course of time.

Much of what I’ve heard from these clients in this regard, I can recall from my own personal experiences ‘out there’, and so I can empathize with the suffering these women describe in my office, either in the presence or absence of the friend in question.

My goal in these circumstances is to find the root of the humanness and compassion within each woman that often lies deep underneath the anger and hurt feelings.

It already says something that they’re in an office like mine in the first place; despite the pain that exists between them, there still lies the hope and commitment that their friendship was originally based upon, and that makes my job all the easier because I usually have willing participants in the process of healing their fracture.

But these women are rare; most never get to a place where healing can happen, and more often than not, friendships in crisis between women usually die in painful silence, or after an angry meltdown, with either one or both women turning away from the chance to sort through what went wrong or to take responsibility for the behavior that led to that particular outcome.

Why? Because they were never taught the skills to deal with conflict. Why? Because women were taught early in their lives that they shouldn’t have conflict!

Unlike boys or men, who are far more direct about the conflicts they experience with their own gender, and their ways of dealing with them – not always appropriately… hitting your friend in the face isn’t exactly the best way to deal with your anger… but you get the point: boys and men are considerably more direct when it comes to solving the conflicts they have with their friends.

Girls, however, were taught from a very early age to ‘be nice’, and thus, weren’t ever supposed to find themselves in places of conflict because, well, being nice would, for the most part, eliminate that possibility. Or so ‘they’ thought.

But what ends up happening is that girls, and later women, go ‘underground’ with their methods of conflict management, and engage in behaviors that usually just fuel the flames, thus creating mini-wars that become almost impossible to resolve.

Thus, the birth of passive-aggression, where the person can be filthy angry and can undermine or seriously damage their target but in the absence of any real evidence that they did anything untoward.

Gossip (aka, character assassination), getting others ‘on one’s side’ of the argument with an attempt to alienate the other person from any possible support, being outwardly kind toward the person but in no way betraying the hate or anger that lives below the surface (aka, not being honest), are just a few ways that girls learn how to deal with conflict in ‘nice’ ways.

And young girls often continue these nasty behaviors beyond their high school years and, thus, grow into the same ineffective managers of their friendships later in life as they once were in childhood and adolescence.

I’m of course in no way promoting hitting your girlfriends in the face, but hey, there has to be a faster, and far less damaging way through female conflict to resolution, but how?

Well, here’s a 5-step process:

1) be honest;
2) be willing to listen;
3) be undefended;
4) be empathetic; and,
5) be willing to see the part you played in the conflict that arose.

If you can manage to do these 5 things, there’s likely no conflict that you can’t resolve with your girlfriend(s).

This process works with both genders in their own friendships, and is not just for women; it works equally well in intimate relationships.

It’s a system that, in the absence of which, will in time render any friendship or relationship dead, but it requires those involved to become willing to have what I call the ‘hard conversations’.

If the individuals in conflict are willing to be honest about how they feel, and are doing this directly with the other person (no more gossiping or ‘back-biting’) in person, and not through emails or texts, then at least there’s a good chance that they’ll sort through the existing conflict.

Resolution may not always result in a decision to remain friends, but it’ll certainly allow both of you the dignity to move forward in peace and respect – both for yourselves, as well as for the other person.

So, women, take a moment to inventory your own friendships.

Are there any that you feel might benefit from my ‘5-step’ prescription?

If so, kick aside the ineffective strategies that you learned on the playground, and instead, roll up your sleeves and step into a process that might save the relationship you have with your very best friend.


5 Surefire Strategies for Online Shopping Tips for Women

Are you a woman who enjoys the ultimate shopping experience? Whether it’s at the mall, in a neighborhood boutique, or online, you simply enjoy the hunt of finding the best attire that makes you look and feel your personal best.

I will admit there is nothing like traditional shopping… traveling to the retail store and becoming mesmerized by the fabrics, fashioned mannequins, blooming smells of perfume under luminous lights. The opportunity to engage in a multi-sensory setting and experience a multitude of fashion designer brands is an exhilarating, overwhelming delight. But as a single, career mom, the opportunity to patiently browse in a mega department store is next to none.

Nowadays, online shopping is more traditional. Fortunately, the Internet offers thousands of online women clothing stores. It’s like having a conglomerate of global fashion designers right at your fingertips.

Although I cannot speak for everyone, I simply adore online shopping! However, there are ladies who are leery of making purchases online and have found it be a nightmare of an experience.

It’s true, online shopping comes with a myriad of challenges one being that you do not get to touch and try on garments until after shipment. Nevertheless, online shopping can be a great experience, and here are 5 surefire ways everyone should follow when shopping online:

Know Your Full Body Measurements

First, let me just ask… Please disregard the size you choose when shopping in a department store. Whether you are a size 2 or 22, it does not matter when shopping online. The key to donning a perfectly fitted outfit that makes you appear chic, polished, and classy is knowing your full body measurements. Remember, you are browsing clothing that is specifically designed for a mass-market. The fashion designer has taken great care in the choice and cut of the fabric for their garment to compliment every body type. But every garment is not created equal, so I promise you, you will not have a rewarding experience if you do not know your full body measurements.

Follow The Listed Sizing Charts

Prudent shop online tips require comparing your body measurements to the dimensions of the sizing chart for your garment of choice. Most online stores have in place sizing charts that categorize the different sizes and measurements. It is not just enough to claim that your size is small, medium, large or extra-large. After all, such classifications are not standardized, and they vary from one brand to another. It is for this reason that the sizing charts prove useful. They provide a method of converting tier sizes to determine the perfect dress size to complement your body type. As a safe measure, it is wise to consider the nature of the fabric. For instance, a garment made from 100% cotton has the likelihood of shrinking after the first wash.

Read Online Store Policies

Different online stores have varying policies and terms that guide their mode of operations. You need to go over those terms and conditions before making any purchase. Find out the terms and conditions of the sale, order placement procedures, means, terms of payments, shipment policy covering the shipping methods, delivery dates, waiting period, the refund policy, warranties, and guarantees. Another shop online tip is to check the privacy policy of the stores to ascertain that any information you provide including payment is secure. Doing so helps to eliminate undesirable outcomes in case there is any problem with your order.

Understand How The Fabric Will Fit Your Body

Even though it is important to have a perfectly fitting dress, consider how the particular material will contour to your body. As you know, we have distinct body shapes, sizes, types, and complexions. Whether full-figured and fierce or slender and statuesque, there are varying body shapes and types. You’ve heard of the typical figure types such as pear-shaped, petite, apple, triangle, athlete, and of course, hourglass. Take a look at yourself… Do you have shapely arms, waist, and/or legs? Flabby arms or well-rounded hips? A voluptuous chest? It doesn’t matter. You want to choose fabrics which complement your body. For instance, if you are tall go for silk or cotton fabrics that show your long legs. A pear-shaped lady should consider clothes that help her flaunt her curves. However, if you are the hourglass type, choose silk, leather, and satin fabrics. For the apple-shaped woman, cotton and wool fabrics will do just fine.

Verify Their Customer Service Contact Information

A final in the shop online tips is always confirmed whether the online clothing store has a customer service department with a reliable method of contacting the customer support. It is important to get this information before engaging in any transaction as it will help prevent future unforeseen problems. For instance, if the wrong color of skirt gets shipped, there are delays in shipment, or if the dress arrives in a torn or worn out state. In each of these situations, you need to know you can get in contact with the online store representatives and have your issues addressed.

Wishing you all the best in dress!

Gloria Coleman, is the founder of ProminentImpressions Image Consulting. She is a champion for women who feel insecure about their appearance and helps them to tap into the essence of their authentic personality and unleash it outwardly in a way that is classy and fashionable.

Through her proprietary program, Robe for Righteousness, a systematic approach to help women express a 3-C Style Presence that is classy, confident, and courageous, she has been featured on syndicated radio and is a sought-after speaker for women support groups, retreats, and faith-based organizations.

Easy to Style Hairstyles

Taking the time out to style your hair from your busy routine is not an easy time. Women have jobs, families and homes to take care of and taking an hour or more out every day to style your hair can prove to be difficult. However, this difficult can be easily resolved if you like short and medium length hairstyles. With a quick blow dry every morning, you can have perfectly stylish and trendy hair in a matter of minutes.

Short and Cropped Pixie:

A short pixie hairstyle is not only easy to style but it also looks great and trendy. As recently seen on Robin Wright in House of Cards, the short pixie gives an edgy and sophisticated look with the minimum effort – especially if you have naturally short hair. The sides and back are cut very short so you can just blow dry them straight without any brush. The front is slightly longer so you have the option of styling it back or to the side, depending on your mood. If you want to make it even trendier, go for some highlights.

Upward Styled Pixie:

Another great way to style a pixie haircut is to blow dry the crown upwards, just like Tamron Hall does from time to time – the national correspondent for NBC. All you have to do is use some gel or other styling product that suits you and blow dry upwards. Blow dry the back and side hair straight for a minimalistic yet chic look. This style is perfect for wavy hair as it provides a little texture and volume.

Classic Wavy Bob:

One of the simplest and easy to style haircuts is the classic bob with waves. If you have wavy hair, you need no styling at all. Just use some wave enhancing hair product and let your hair air dry. You can look up pictures of celebrities who wear this haircut with style and elegance such as Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron, Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon, and Emma Watson.

Loose Waves:

If you have wavy hair, you can just keep it shoulder length or even lower and then style it simply by using any hair product that defines your curls. You don’t have to blow dry at all. Just apply the hair product to towel dry hair and let it dry naturally. You will have loose, dreamy waves that give a casual yet very stylish appearance. Many actresses have been sporting this look recently including Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, and Zoe Saldana.

Messy Bun:

While you don’t want to go with tied hair every day, once in a while a messy bun can give you a whole new look and it is very easy to make. A little bit of back combing in the crown area will help you create the much-needed volume. Tie your hair into a rough bun and use hair spray to keep it in place. Don’t pull all your hair back though; a messy bun looks great with a few stray strands of hair framing your face nicely.

Different Maternity And Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers

For new breastfeeding mothers, starting to breastfeed can be very overwhelming. But understanding some tips and pointers might help make nursing your newborn a rewarding as well as successful experience. Skin-to-skin contact with your baby is very important. Be reminded that holding him or her can help regulate his heart rate, breathing and temperature for an easier transition out of the womb.

Facts About First Milk

Immediately after delivery, your breast will certainly produce first milk. This is a liquid which is highly concentrated in colostrum. You must bear in mind that this can play a very significant role in your baby’s first development since it passes on antibodies directly to your child in order to fight infection and sickness. In other words, this can strengthen his or her immune system.

Though you may feel that the amount of your first milk is low, it is very imperative for you to remember that colostrum is all about the nourishing quality of this liquid. Plenty of health professionals say that this precursor to breast milk is a superior option as opposed to other newborn feeding alternatives.

Fore And Hind Milk

Throughout the course of a feeding, milk changes and evolves. The milk that is produced during the onset of a feeding is known as foremilk. This has thin and watery appearance. This is also an indicator that hind milk (a richer, high-fat breast milk) is being produced for your baby.

It is very important for you to allow your child to drink as much as he wants as this will ensure that he or she gets as much nutrients as possible. Regardless of how you will feed him or her, always begin with the opposite breast than the one you started with the last time you fed him or her.

Other Breastfeeding Tips

  • Breastfeed as prompt as you can upon delivering your baby.
  • Do not offer water to your newborn.
  • As much as possible, engage in skin-to-skin contact with your child.
  • Know the proper way of holding your baby to conform proper latching.
  • Keep your baby by your bed so you can quickly respond to his or her needs.

Choosing The Right Clothing

Breastfeeding, especially in public, is somewhat embarrassing for new mums. Today, there are already maternity and breastfeeding tops and dresses that will allow you to feed your baby easily and conveniently, without showing off some of your flesh. With the advancement of technology, you can even purchase them online.

Is Aging a Fertility Barrier?

Is there a natural way to cure infertility when you reach into your late 30’s or 40’s? Most women assume that the only way to do this is through expensive drug treatments such as IVF. In today’s society, more and more women are feeling the need to have babies when they are settled in their career, and are choosing to have children in their late 20’s or 30’s. This doesn’t necessarily fit in with the body’s ideal time clock to conceive. So by the time career driven women are trying to have a child, they can come across infertility issues.

There is no doubt that the age of a woman determines her egg cell qualities. Unfortunately once a woman hits 30, the egg cell quality declines, by the time they hit their mid-thirties, chances of miscarriage and infertility increase substantially. Once a woman reaches their forties, approximately only 50% percent have the capability to conceive a healthy child.

Thus the method to reverse infertility in your latter years becomes more intricate, and should be cured in a holistic manner. Generally, treatment should look to eliminate the build-up of toxins to induce hormonal balance. The consumption of raw clean foods, and quality supplements will help boost the declining progesterone and oestrogen levels.

As for the men, their fertility seems to work a little different. Even men who are 60 plus and above, still have the ability to father a child. Though, this does not mean they are not affected by poor fertility as well. When a man reaches his mid-thirties, he has approximately 15% less chance of fathering a child. And it continues to gradually decrease as a man reaches his later years.

To reverse infertility in men, testosterone levels are the key to solving the problem. Testosterone levels must be kept high, and sustained at a healthy rate. Dairy consumption has been shown to be a key contributor to decreasing fertility in men. This is mainly due to artificial hormones it contains, which have a countering effect on testosterone. A man’s BMI can also have also have ramifications to the male hormones. A male’s waistline should not go over 40 inches, as a rough rule of thumb. In addition, the male scrotum should not be overheated, and look to be kept in cooler conditions. It is suggested that prolonged hot showers are not encouraged, with cold showers being the preference to increasing testosterone. Studies have also shown it is a good idea not to place laptops directly above the crotch area. As laptops can emit heat, and directly affect this area.

There are certain natural products you can consume, to greatly increase your fertility health. Raw honey and cinnamon have been recognised to help treat fertility issues in cases of mature men and women. Ceylon cinnamon has been shown to greatly decrease a woman’s insulin resistance. Ceylon cinnamon is preferred over normal cinnamon. Insulin resistance can contribute negatively, causing higher cases of miscarriage. It also plays a role in food cravings, increasing food intake. Thus, this can result in weight gain. The suggested dosage of Ceylon Cinnamon powder is up to 4 grams each day.

Raw honey has been shown to have improve sperm quality in men, Just 2 tablespoons a day, for a few weeks can have a dramatic increase in sperm quality. Another product to have shown great results is royal jelly and bee propolis. If taken in tandem with raw honey, it has been shown to increase libido levels in both men and women. Studies also show royal jelly improves a woman’s egg cell quality.